YouTube, Drama & Disabilities

Good Evening Everyone!
So this is a little adlib, as I’ve not had a single moment to write today. So, instead I’m going to briefly discuss what I have spent the day doing. I have just had to upload a monologue as an audition for the BBC’s training scheme for actors with a disability to YouTube. If you have a spare moment I would very much appreciate you heading over to my channel (link further down) and giving it a watch and maybe even a like?

**WARNING I’m now about to discuss something quite close to my heart and which could be considered emotional for some readers. If you decide to continue reading then,please do so at your own digression.** ❤

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~ A Letter to August ~

You came and went again – it seems I wasn’t looking.

A single moment. I stopped and was hooked.

O’ across the country and to the next –

but there you were not. I would know, I Looked.

Clearing the way for Autumn already?

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Idina Menzel & MT Inspiration

Well… I’m not sure how to begin as I’m honestly having trouble believing it really happened. I adore musical theatre and so its only natural for Idina Menzel to be an inspiration of mine. As Mr Jonathan Larson unrefuted and beautifully wrote ‘there’s no day but today.’ I want to live life choosing to make mistakes if I must, but not regrets.

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Welcome to my New Blog!

I’m Brittanie, a girl wrote adores writing but who has been recently lacking in that creative department due to an absence of motivation. So, this is simply the result of my attempt to fix that, which is at best, lets say an experiment of sorts. I have no clue how this is going to turn out but, you are…

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My #Live For The Story

The other night I decided to enter a completion which required me to share a photo and write a story for it but, when I sat down to write I realised how much I’d missed writing and as a result started this blog! So I thought it was only fitting to share the full ‘I just sat down…

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