‘Day-Dreamer’ A Poem

To the daydreamer whose never caught with their eyes closed, because you know that’s not the way to catch a dream – no. 

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Donating my hair… The Little Princess Trust

I decided to donate my hair because when I was younger I used to feel very insecure about strangers staring at me because of the way I walked and so doing something with my hair gave me confidence to face them with a smile, when they would finally look up and meet my eyes, rather then a frown. (Kinda similar to why some people choose to wear make-up.) It gave me confidence and I don’t know what I would have done instead when I was younger if for any reason I didn’t have that option. Put simply, that thought inspired me to donate my hair.

If you’ve not heard of the little princess trust, here is brief overview in their own words:

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‘White Cocoa’ by T2 ~ Tea Tasting Tuesdays

On Christmas Eve I went to visit my Brother and Sister-in-law and they have an extensive tea collection and so I want to take this Tuesday to talk about this amazing tea I got to try form T2!

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Bullet Journaling for the New Year

I’ve tried before and failed. But not this year – I simply refuse! I need to become a more organised person and I feel like this could be a step in the right direction… I feel like my problem with it in the past was that I have a tendency to let my creativity run away with me a little and I always tried to make every page really pretty and I the perfectionist in me just didn’t allow for that sheer quantity of up-keep! So, for now at least i’m going to keep things simple!

If you have never heard of bullet journaling before and have no clue what I’m rambling about I’ll give a brief explanation below and also link the bullet journaling website here if you would like more in-depth details.

A bullet journal can essentially be whatever you need it to be: a check list, diary, journal, notebook or sketchbook. Personally, mine is predominately a check list.

All you need to start is a notebook and a pen…

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Blogmas Week 3

Seasons Greetings & welcome to my third and final week of Blogmas!

The week leading up to Christmas was truly crazy: I had full scale performance assessments in Stanislavski, Brecht, British & Classical Theatre along with various other assessments at college throughout the week. Although it was busy – it was by no means an excuse not to be Christmassy!

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Instagram Best 9 2017

I thought this might be fun to try as Instagram is one of my favourite social media platforms; I love photography. So, as 2017 comes to a close – here is a look at my best 9 of 2017 and the captions that they had. I’m going to apologise now as some of my captions are rather long as they used to be my only space to write at the beginning of the year, before I started a blog! So it’s either an essay or a sentence and not much in between…

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NaBloPoMo 30 Day Quote Challenge ~ Day 16


This was supposed to be day 14. This quote helps me not to panic when I feel that progression towards goals are moving sluggishly and that I just have to remember that it all builds up eventually!

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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Rounded

I took this photo in the Summer of 2015. My family had decided to go travelling: as both my brothers and I had an extended Summer due to having finished our exams.
If you decide to do this week’s challenge also, let me know; I’d love to see all your amazing photos!

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