For info please see post: Welcome to my New Blog!


I’m Brittanie, a girl wrote adores writing but who has been recently lacking in that creative department due to an absence of motivation. So, this is simply the result of my attempt to fix that, which is at best, lets say an experiment of sorts. I have no clue how this is going to turn out but, you are more than welcome to tag along if you so wish!

I am currently an Acting Student who adores: travelling, anywhere new, locally and not so locally. I love writing (as I’m sure you’ve realised by now aha ) ok but I also mean novels, plays, poems, reading – all of literature in general really. Now, If I’m being completely honest I should probably confess that I’m slightly obsessed with stunning landscapes and sunsets… *coughs* Fine. Ok a little more than slightly. So you can expect a fair few photos. Above all though, I have one of the biggest theatre nerdy hearts you will ever come across (there really is no point in denying it…) I’m genuinely smiling right now because you probably think I’m exaggerating. In all seriousness if you need someone day or night to discuss or debate characters, musicals, plays excreta – I’m your Gal! I also absolutely have a tea addiction, which isn’t really a secret, for me a cup of tea feels like it can fix pretty much anything. And finally the last thing you’ll most likely need to know is that I just can’t function properly without music.

Soooo, with all of this new, trivial and utterly useless information about some of the ways I choose to spend my time, you can hopefully see why I have been hesitant to start a blog; its quite a lot of ground to cover and of which I just can’t seem to a cut down without if feeling sort of false. So again, welcome, to what will probably be a very varied and sporadic blog but I’m gonna give it my best shot. If for any reason that wasn’t enough rambling for you – have some more:

Your Welcome :))

(NoPe I can’t just leave that there like that; you don’t know me yet, I AM of COURSE being sarcastic *sighs* come on Britt everyone knows that explaining why something is funny ruins it, ok, ok, I swear to you now that I will not be doing this again — that is, the explaining… Definitely not the sarcasm, erm, well, I’m going to shut up now…)

♥ A few of my favourite things ♥
•Tv: (oh God, how do I even…) Doctor Who, Orphan Black, Game of Thrones, Friends, Victoria, Community, Designated Survivor, Once upon a time, Black Mirror, I really could go on… this is not good aha…
•Book: (Excluding Harry potter & Fantastic Beasts of course) ‘If I stay’ – Gayle Foreman / ‘Delirium’ Lauren Oliver/ ‘The Miniaturist’ – Jessie Burton/ ‘Inkheart’ – Cornelia Funke/ ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ – Margaret Atwood (I feel bad leaving out the others there is just. So. Many.
•Band: Florence + the Machine
•Restaurant: Theatre Café – hands down (I know its a café but Im rolling with it.)
•Colour: Purple
•Musical: I feel like this is a trick question…
•Play: That I’ve read and there is a part of me that cant believe that I’m writing this as it was an A – Level text of mine – but it really has grown on me ‘Our County’s Good’ – Timberlake Wertenbaker. That I’ve seen, currently, ‘The Play that Goes Wrong’ purely because nothing has ever made be laugh so much in my entire life and sometimes you gotta’ have some comedy ya’ know?
•Song: Bach’s Prelude Suite 1 for unaccompanied Cello.
•Animal: it changes, I cant tell if that’s bad…

~ Please feel free to share some of your favourite things or let me know if you have any questions at any point throughout this blogging thing. Also if you have any ideas on what on Earth I should be doing here, advice and constructive criticism is always welcome, so I’ll be in the comments below. On a side note, shout-out to any fellow theatre nerds who caught my subtle or rather not so subtle lyrical references throughout this. ❤