TravelBook: A week in Greece


This is probably going to be kept quite brief. I recently went to Greece for a week with a best friend of mine and it was gloriously sunny, but before I get in to that I think its time for my confession of the week: I LOVE travelling but I struggle, hmmm, no that’s not the right word… I just can’t help but think about all the places I’ll probably never get to see, similar to the way that its just not possible to read as many books as I would like, even if I read a book everyday there will still be billions of stories I will never come across in my lifetime. There is just so much to see of the World; I’ll always highly value any and all opportunities for new adventures, for which I am all very grateful for in their own unique ways but this ultimately is the very reason why I struggle with to going someplace twice because there will always be so much more  of the World left to see.

My other confession is that I have (I wouldn’t go as far as to call it a fear) but an uneasy nagging feeling about forgetting things. This isn’t actually founded on anything substantial and I’m not going to complain as it ends up serving as quite a useful source of motivation to keep writing – which I don’t feel can ever be bad. So as a result I felt the need to share some photos as, the landscapes were truly stunning.

I went for a walk on the beach at sunset almost every night, I just simply could not resist the utter beauty of it. That  and I had only just gotten round to watching ‘Moana’ a couple of weeks beforehand and so I still had the songs going around my head incessantly. Not that I actually minded of course; the music is wonderful.

{Music by: bensound}

I know it’s not exactly the ‘done thing’ to upload straight to the blog instead of embedding from YouTube or something, but this will have to do just for the moment until I get a chance to sort that all out…
Here is a series of snapshots form the trip, mostly random, mostly sunsets and mostly rather disjointed as I hadn’t planned on editing them together when I was filming which explains why I switch from a camera to a phone for this one.

The view from the top of the canale dell’ amore




Not actually 100% sure what this says but, it made me think, maybe a name? but that is literally stemming from absolutely nowhere…




So this photo was sort of an accident, my first attempt at panorama ended up duplicating the bay but I quite like it.
I think this one is my favourite, I really like the reflection and accidental symmetry.