Thank Goodness Its Friday | End of Week Catch up…

This is the very first second I’ve had all week to sit down for a minute with a cup of tea and even contemplate the possibility of writing. It has been non-stop. Now that I have the chance to write about something I’m not even sure where to start (just my luck!) I do however feel like trying something slightly different – I’m currently sat here with my tea thinking about something I’d share from this week and honestly the most random trivia/ and also some nonsense came to my head, but you know what? That’s what my week has kind of been like and so if you were to ask me about the last 7 days I’d tell you these 5 things:

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~ A Letter to September ~

One’s time, like a constellation, Burns bright.

We walk through your Golden Gardens, Once, twice,

Hints of Autumn air consume from great heights.

Together. Against the rain turned to Ice.

Though it yields; there’s still blue skies and starred nights.

Like a habit my reflection blinks back:

Now known, your essence, the song will ne’er lack.

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Thank goodness it’s Friday | Something I’ve learnt this week…

I’m not the best with keeping to a schedule when it comes to writing but, I really wanted to write something, anything. I think that’s what I struggle with most: every time I think of something I want to write about, I always feel like it’s come out of absolutely no where and it always appears to…

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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Layered

So, for this week I was thinking of using a couple of photos which I took from last weekend when I visited Kew Gardens with my Sister-in-Law. As that’s where my mind immediately jumped to when I saw this week’s word!

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YouTube, Drama & Disabilities

Good Evening Everyone!
So this is a little adlib, as I’ve not had a single moment to write today. So, instead I’m going to briefly discuss what I have spent the day doing. I have just had to upload a monologue as an audition for the BBC’s training scheme for actors with a disability to YouTube. If you have a spare moment I would very much appreciate you heading over to my channel (link further down) and giving it a watch and maybe even a like?

**WARNING I’m now about to discuss something quite close to my heart and which could be considered emotional for some readers. If you decide to continue reading then,please do so at your own digression.** ❤

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~ A Letter to August ~

You came and went again – it seems I wasn’t looking.

A single moment. I stopped and was hooked.

O’ across the country and to the next –

but there you were not. I would know, I Looked.

Clearing the way for Autumn already?

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Tea Tasting Tuesdays

Hello and happy Tuesday! Or maybe not quite yet, ok, so in all honesty, its not actually Tuesday as I’m writing this one, *sips tea, glances over mug suspiciously. CLEARS THROAT* I just really wanted a cup of tea ok so, I figured, why not? So this is the first ever ‘T2 I’ve tried, it was also a birthday gift which…

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Travelbook: A week in Spain

At the end of our exams in July myself and some school friends decided to go to Spain, and it already feels like forever ago as we got our results this week! *Fair warning this post is mostly a collation of random photos –  I promise I am trying to become more organised!* Now, you…

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Tea Tasting Tuesdays

Hello and happy Tuesday!

I absolutely love tea – I would not have gotten through my A – Levels without a good cup of tea every now and then, so much so, that it has become a little know fact about me amongst my friends. Since then I have accumulated a vast tea stash and I want to try some new types. So, I thought I might try a series of tea tasting!

(ANNNNDD if nothing else its just a really, really good excuse to have a cup of tea!)

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